About Us

It is necessary to remind our planet history if you choose the natural stone to characterize a project. Each block was formed in million years, that is why each is an unique piece. We can consider each natural stone location as a picture of the past. In fact each colour variation, each concentration of fossils, veining and shadows, are proof of unicity of each piece. Even if is a really resistant material, natural stone is very versatile, it can be modified because you don't need to produce it.

Our Mission

Choose natural stone means researching a uniqueness. Each block, each plate is told through ?ngerprints that make them distinguishable, going to shape identity places where the re?ned mood of those who live tend to recognize them. Naval Marble stands as a book, opened to offer scenarios created to suit the client, offering a landscape of an incredible variety of materials and colors to use and integrate in order to shape distinguished environments, emotional, special.

Our Vision

Natural stone has always been the human habitat since caveman times. During the ages thanks to its incredible beauty and chromatic variety natural stone has evolved, becoming a fundamental element in construction and furnishing. It has become also an art element in sculpture, mosaics and marquetry. To maintain the beauty of natural stone locations it is necessary to know its characteristics, so it is essential to consult an expert to fully appreciate the poetic beauty of the natural stone.